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Listening to music is now a passion for people of all ages. Some even say that there concentration level becomes better if they work with songs playing in back ground. Everyone have different taste of music and to find all types of music at one place is very difficult. Songs can change your mood and relax your mind.

Now a days mixtapes have become everyones favorite. Mixtape is nothing but a recording onto CD, cassette or any other music audio format. Artists basically takes the theme from his/her favorite theme and put it all together in one album. Mixtapes are basically as a entry level to the industries thats why these artist record their mixtape and post it to the Internet or industry to become the artist. People find genuine latest mixtape by filtering the album by year and by artist and by generic. Due to busy life people are nt able to go to music store and buy Cd’s or tapes so, to make it easy there are some stores online where you can pay and download your favorite music album.

There are many artist who are famous all over the world and people follow all there songs. The idea behind mixtape is that artist choose his favorite song and mixed it by featuring in that song. Mixtapes of singers like Lil Wayne, Drake, Kevin Gates, Gucci Mane are very famous and people are following all there tapes. Even the new entry Mac Miller is becoming a big hit and making a place in hearts of people with his style of rapping. Talking about rap Eminem and Lil wayne have most number of followers but Drake is also coming up with some new rap mix romantic and party songs. Mostly his songs are describing about his real past life, relations etc.. Looking at this people are looking forward to download Drake mixtapes. Drake’s mixtape named Y.O.L.O with Rick Ross is about to release.

With the arrival of inexpensive creating and distributing mixes in the form of compact disc or MP3 playlists has become the contemporary method of choice, but the term mix tape is still commonly used, even for mixes in different media. There are many websites available for free mixtape downloads. On these websites you can find almost all albums of your favorite artist. It is the best way to keep yourself up to date and listen to latest songs.