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In this world everyone is enjoying their life.They wants some entertainment in their life,whether it comes from travelling, visiting places with friends or clubs etc.Music is an all time entertainment source.Near about 99% people in this world are interested in listening to music. Some like classical music, rock, hip hop, pop, remix etc and there are lots of website to download songs.
Nowdays everyone is fan of english songs and artists, as they compose and sing unique track to the music.The artist like Akon, Drake, Trina, Future, Eminem, Kevin Gates etc are known to everyone, even they are world famous.In bollywood, every movie have songs in them to make movie more entertaining.Music is the way of entertainment in human life.Mixtapes are powerfull because these attracts people more than simple ones.Peoples are always ready to Download Mixtapes for so that they can enjoy this.
Internet makes easy to get the remix songs. Everyone wants to download mixtapes as compared to other songs.The culture of listening english songs became so popular that it does not matter anyone that anywhere ,anytime they wants to listen these songs.Music is the best method for timepass and if anybody feels alone then only music can fullfill his emptyness.Lots of mixtapes are released yearly and some have composed good music and some have bad.But only public identifies and selects which is best.So trend of mixtapes, hip hop ,Rap etc rises day by day.