Upload Kevin Gates Mixtapes

Posted: January 26, 2013 in Entertainment, Free Hip Hop Mixtapes, Free Mixtape Downloads, music

Being into music, I always find time to go on you-tube and update myself with all the new songs that come up. Whether the song is from a known artist or from an underdog, I never miss a chance in listening to all the good music these people make.

While you-tube-ing, you must have come across all the accounts from the famous stars themselves, broadcasting their music, making it easily available for people like us. Other than these very artists, there are other rookies in music and common people, who always keep uploading their videos, covering different songs from multiple artists, and requesting us to follow them or like their songs. Very few of these very people, actually make it to a level where they are recognized.

Many of you must have Googled for ‘Kevin gates mixtapes’, for those who do not know what the Kevin Gates Mixtape is: Kevin gates is a young artist who has till date done five mixtapes and hit a million likes from his you tube videos named ‘Love you” and ‘Satellites’. This artist, although not very famous worldwide, is quite famous in the social Internet world, and those of you who are music lovers like me, must know about him.

People like Kevin, are the ones who have realized or should I say recognized their love for music at a very young age, and have started working on making their dreams come true since the point of their realization.

Having said this, music is no more an art that only the brainy can understand or the rich can pay for listening to it. It has become more and more audience centered, that makes us connect to it and relate with it beautifully.

So whether it’s a break-up or a start of a beautiful phase in your life, you will find peace in music.


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