Music is basically a form of art which has sound as a medium. Music is introduced from the ancient times and is still moving on with its different types in the world like the Country music, Classical music, Hip-Hop break music, Rock music, Rap music and more other types of music are there in the world. The rap music is being liked by all over the world and for this reason it is getting more and more importance day by day. Rap music is mostly like by the teens. There are many rappers in the world which are mostly liked by the people are:-

1. Eminem

2. Akon

3. Snoop Dog

4. Earl Simmons

5. Gucci Mane

These are some of the names of the rappers which are from America and popular all over the world. They produce many audio/video tapes in the market and there are many sites available on the Internet from where we can download their music also. Now a days every rapper likes to do something different and for this purpose they produce Mixtapes like Gucci Mane Mixtapes, Akon mixtapes and many other. We can get them easily from the Internet and download from free websites.

Mixtape has a benefit that we can get 10 to 20 songs or the raps or any number of count in the same single tracks. In the mixtape one can get the selected songs and the combination of different songs together depending on the mood of everyone. Not only the audio mixtapes but the Video mix tapes have also been introduced in the market. We can find them easily and can Download Mixtapes for free from the Internet. Music is the best way of entertainment and enjoyment.


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