Gucci mane is an American rapper born on February 12, 1980 . He used to enjoy writing poetry and then started his hip hop career at the age of 14. In 2005 he drops his independent album namely, trap house via Big Cat records. It was number one album in U.S. Billboard heat seekers albums. He drops four more albums namely hard to kill and trap a thon  in 2007, and murder was the case in 2009, the return of Mr zone 6 in 2011. Gucci mane drops 27 mixtapes albums and 5 collaboration albums from the starting of his career. Gucci mane mixtapes are highly recorded with full hi-tech music, proper instruments are used for recording, high bass and treble in his music album. All his fans like his voice. Gucci mane voice is so different from other rapper that any one from that region can recognizes his voice by listening from far distant without knowing that his track is been playing.
Gucci mane mixtapes are best in quality and full of energy. Followers of Gucci mane will listen the music so loud because of the music theme are too good that they can’t get rid off from that music. Music is so much addicted to the listener that they use to play them everywhere from home hifi system to their car music system. You can download mixtapes free high quality tracks from Internet. It is the easiest way to get tracks from Internet but the quality depends upon the up loader because if you are interested in buying the track or album you must follow the instruction before you download them. Listen to sample tracks to check the quality of the sound it really helps you to get high quality tracks. There are some fake websites which provide low quality or different track instead of which we are searching . So it is important to check the quality website.


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