Lil wayne is an American rapper artist. Lil wayne joined the cash money records at the age nine and the youngest of all the members. Lil wayne started his career in 1995 at the age 13. His first album is a collaboration with The B.G’z.  Lil wayne won Grammy awards for best rap song and the best rap album and the best rap performance by a group in 2009,
Official mixtapes albums of lil wayne released, namely SQ1 ,SQ2, SQ3 ,SQ4 ,SQ5,  SQ6, SQ7 – 10,000 Bars Da Drought, Da Drought 2, The Prefix,  The Suffix, The Dedication, Dedication 2, Da Drought 3, Dedication 3, No Ceilings, Sorry 4 the Wait, Dedication 4.
Lil wayne reached his audience by live performance and guest appearance. Lil wayne mixtapes are based on various original instruments.

Most of the hip hop mixtapes downloads are free and some may cost per single track or album. Lil wayne mix tapes are released for free download  and he always try to release it for free download. You can select the album which you want to download. By just one simple click you can view the play list and download the whole album by clicking on the track. Basically the purpose of mix-tape is to release their track song which they think cannot be officially include in studio album. As the lil wayne alone released 18 mix tapes. Each album may contain 10 – 15 songs. So they can’t include all songs in single studio album. They usually release under the mix-tape tag.

Lil wayne mixtapes are released before the official studio album just for promotion. It does not include the studio recording but some kind of overview to the songs. So that people may go and buy the original album. It is just for the sake of promotion, the tracks included in mix tapes are not the original as these songs may contain only the lyrics and might the background music would of different artist or favorite artist of his or her.

Hip hop mixtape downloads are easily available on the internet as these mixtapes are released directly by the artist with own recording studio and cd’s and cassette or digital audio format directly downloadable to the computer. People download mixtape to get the overview of the upcoming album or tracks by the artist.  Hip hop music is having fantastic beats which will make all of you to get up and dance on the beat and forget all about the rest of the world


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