Mixtapes  are nothing but an advancement done by the musicians in their songs or we could say in their tracks. Mixtapes are the combination of different songs in a single track. There are number of reasons why people generally like these kind of tapes are as under :-

* Tracks :- Through mixtape we can any number of songs in a single track.

* Length :- The length of the songs is also cut and made to that much limit which would we liked by people. The basic criteria is to provide the excitement and enjoyment in the people

* Singers :- An individual can get his/her favourite singers songs in one single track. We can enjoy any number of songs sung by different musicians and singers.
On the internet everything everything is available. There are numerous websites providing us the facility of Download Mixtapes. We can get the mixtapes from any websites on the internet and we don’t have to pay a cost for it.

Rap and Hip-Hop mixtapes are liked by the people, mostly by the young generation all around the world. If we see in the clubs or any other party place we would be able to hear this kind of music played by Dj’s.

We can Download Mixtapes for free from any website. Some of the websites are paid also but mostly provide this service for free. One should check the website before start downloading. Mixtape is the latest trend which has gained its importance in today’s stylish life of people.


In this world everyone is enjoying their life.They wants some entertainment in their life,whether it comes from travelling, visiting places with friends or clubs etc.Music is an all time entertainment source.Near about 99% people in this world are interested in listening to music. Some like classical music, rock, hip hop, pop, remix etc and there are lots of website to download songs.
Nowdays everyone is fan of english songs and artists, as they compose and sing unique track to the music.The artist like Akon, Drake, Trina, Future, Eminem, Kevin Gates etc are known to everyone, even they are world famous.In bollywood, every movie have songs in them to make movie more entertaining.Music is the way of entertainment in human life.Mixtapes are powerfull because these attracts people more than simple ones.Peoples are always ready to Download Mixtapes for so that they can enjoy this.
Internet makes easy to get the remix songs. Everyone wants to download mixtapes as compared to other songs.The culture of listening english songs became so popular that it does not matter anyone that anywhere ,anytime they wants to listen these songs.Music is the best method for timepass and if anybody feels alone then only music can fullfill his emptyness.Lots of mixtapes are released yearly and some have composed good music and some have bad.But only public identifies and selects which is best.So trend of mixtapes, hip hop ,Rap etc rises day by day.

Being into music, I always find time to go on you-tube and update myself with all the new songs that come up. Whether the song is from a known artist or from an underdog, I never miss a chance in listening to all the good music these people make.

While you-tube-ing, you must have come across all the accounts from the famous stars themselves, broadcasting their music, making it easily available for people like us. Other than these very artists, there are other rookies in music and common people, who always keep uploading their videos, covering different songs from multiple artists, and requesting us to follow them or like their songs. Very few of these very people, actually make it to a level where they are recognized.

Many of you must have Googled for ‘Kevin gates mixtapes’, for those who do not know what the Kevin Gates Mixtape is: Kevin gates is a young artist who has till date done five mixtapes and hit a million likes from his you tube videos named ‘Love you” and ‘Satellites’. This artist, although not very famous worldwide, is quite famous in the social Internet world, and those of you who are music lovers like me, must know about him.

People like Kevin, are the ones who have realized or should I say recognized their love for music at a very young age, and have started working on making their dreams come true since the point of their realization.

Having said this, music is no more an art that only the brainy can understand or the rich can pay for listening to it. It has become more and more audience centered, that makes us connect to it and relate with it beautifully.

So whether it’s a break-up or a start of a beautiful phase in your life, you will find peace in music.

The concept of mixtape is not very old, neither is it very new. Everybody enjoys hip hop music, but it is not feasible unless you have correct source of buying great collection of hip hop. It is neither possible to find a collection of hip hop that you are looking for, nor would you be interested in buying number of CDs.

Mixtapes are mostly done for promotional purpose. It has today become a very common trend wherein unknown artists release their mixtapes with other artists or producers for publicity. The opposite is also done when a major artist intends to help an upcoming artist or a producer.

Buying the CDs and storing them at home or in the dashboard of your car is not a good idea these days. Why occupy so much space in your house or in your dashboard, when you can download and store in a storage device (like pen drive)? You may get Mixtape Downloads For Free from the available websites.

The online websites play an important role in bringing out these mixtapes and popularizing the upcoming DJ’s talent. Free download options from the websites are the key to success of mixtapes in market place.

The Mixtape websites are the best ways of promoting and advertising about the artists and their albums. It is not just restricted to those of new comers; you can find the music of a well known and well liked hip hoper as well. There are number of artists available on these mixtape sites, who desire to share their music with the world. The Djs and music composers develop their own music and remixes with the sole intention of developing music and attempting to build a reputation of their talent.

The concept of mixtape has given hype to maximum rapper and popularized them as well. Currently mining digital downloads in the million for T.R.U. 2 Chainz Mixtape in his latest indie mixtape sensation, is winning new fans every hour.

The concept is not as simple as it looks. There are a number of bootleg sites that promote illegal downloading of such mixtapes, for promotional purpose obviously. However the person who downloads is usually not dragged into any sort of trouble.

Mixtape, the term has its niche from legitimate dubbed tracks. It involves the practice of dubbing music or a track from one cassette to the other. Mixtapes were once very popular in the 2000’s, but the fact that these were synonymous to ‘lower quality’, albums, ended up deteriorating the entire concept.

Music is basically a form of art which has sound as a medium. Music is introduced from the ancient times and is still moving on with its different types in the world like the Country music, Classical music, Hip-Hop break music, Rock music, Rap music and more other types of music are there in the world. The rap music is being liked by all over the world and for this reason it is getting more and more importance day by day. Rap music is mostly like by the teens. There are many rappers in the world which are mostly liked by the people are:-

1. Eminem

2. Akon

3. Snoop Dog

4. Earl Simmons

5. Gucci Mane

These are some of the names of the rappers which are from America and popular all over the world. They produce many audio/video tapes in the market and there are many sites available on the Internet from where we can download their music also. Now a days every rapper likes to do something different and for this purpose they produce Mixtapes like Gucci Mane Mixtapes, Akon mixtapes and many other. We can get them easily from the Internet and download from free websites.

Mixtape has a benefit that we can get 10 to 20 songs or the raps or any number of count in the same single tracks. In the mixtape one can get the selected songs and the combination of different songs together depending on the mood of everyone. Not only the audio mixtapes but the Video mix tapes have also been introduced in the market. We can find them easily and can Download Mixtapes for free from the Internet. Music is the best way of entertainment and enjoyment.

In today’s life of 21st century everything has changed from study to entertainment. Now, a days people love to do their entertainment with playing and listening music. Music is one of the major part of enjoyment in today’s life style of the people. Now a days as we are watching that there are many singers available that produce different kind of music which every other teen to old person likes to listen –

  • Country music

  • Rock music

  • Hip-hop music

  • Jazz and electronic music

  • Rap music

These are some of the types of music as being listened by the today’s generation. At every place whether it is gym, work place, colleges or home we would be able to hear the different variety of music. But if we see the rap music has taken over the whole market and is growing day by day.

Rap is the new kind of music which is being loved by the people all over the world. It is the new trend of music which is basically loved by teenager’s. There are many rappers who provides good quality of music. There are many websites available on the Internet which helps us in getting the new rap music or any kind of music such as mix tapes of the singers.

Mix tapes are nothing but the combination of some songs together around 5 to 6 songs or it could be any number of songs in that mix tape. These mix tapes are also available on the Internet such as downloadmixtapes.org and other websites where you get Mix tape Downloads For Free. There are around only few websites which provide us quality mix tapes of different singers for free.

Mix tapes have a benefit that we would be able to get the different tracks of the singer’s album in a combined form of track. As the site downloadmixtapes.org is a site where an individual can add up his/her own made mix tapes, songs, or the raps made at home, college or anywhere in the society and from this site anyone can download different rap music, and different type of songs without any charge as it is free to download.

A mixtape or mixed-tape is the typical name given to any choice of songs recorded onto a Compact Cassette, Compact Cd, computer file, or any other audio framework. A mixtape, which usually shows the musical technology preferences of its compiler, can variety from a gently chosen record of popular, to a conceptual mix of music connected by a concept or mood. If you are a music lover and you really love rhythm and bass then you have to listen this kind of music. I am sure that you will find a new world around you.

In hip hop’s very first times, the songs only persisted in stay type, and the songs was propagate via footage of events and shows. Hip hop mixtapes first showed up in the mid-1970s in New York City. As tapes became available then DJ’S took place into this and they became popular for their music production. Mixtape come ahead in the beginning 90’s by mixing R&B a cappellas with hip hop surpasses (known as “blends”). Combination footage became well-known by the mid-1990s . Today plenty of sites are available with Free Hip Hop Mixtape Downloads.

Today number of artist are available in this industry but if you want me to tell you about one of them then I will talk about one particular person and that is Kendrick Lamar Duckworth, basically known as Kendrick Lamar, is an American. He first obtained major attention after the releasing of his 4th mixtape, Far too Devoted, in 2010. This year he launched his independent album. Beginning in his profession, before launching his significant first appearance, he accumulated a huge Online following, and had already proved helpful with Dr. Dre, Activity, Drake, Younger Jeezy, Talib Kweli, Busta Songs, E-40, Warren G, Bun B, Technical N9ne and Lil Wayne among other well-known artists.

On Sept 23, 2010, he launched Far too Devoted, a very recommended mixtape that involved a music named “Ignorance Is Bliss” in which he glorifies gangsta rap and road criminal activity but finishes each line with “ignorance is bliss” providing the concept “we know not what we do.” he was about to release his first solo album but MTV announced that dawg entertainment closed the deal with interscope and aftermath Entertainment, creating the end of his professions as an independet artist.On Aug 17, 2012, Kendrick Lamar launched a new music with Younger Jeezy eligible. He is still working on with full passion as he did earlier in his career. People around the globe still looking websites for the Kendrick Lamar Mixtape Download.